About Me


HTL Leonding
(Computer Engineering, Secondary Technical School)
Atmel AVR, VHDL, PCB Design, Asm, C, Java, C#
Lift-Technik H.Haslinger GesmbH
(Elevator Service Technician, Internship)
Service/Repair Elevators
R.IT.C EDV-Consulting GmbH
(Software Developer, Internship)
Graduated HTL Leonding
Military Service
(Austrian Air Force, 6 Months)
Sierzega Elektronik GmbH
(Electronics Assembler)
Component level board repair,
Pick&Place Machine,
C# (WPF/WinForms, SerialPort), C, HTML/CSS/JS
(Software Engineer, Surface Inspection Systems, Quality Control)
Kotlin (JavaFX),
C# (Windows Services, Data Processing),
Python (Data Processing, Machine Learning),
C++ (Qt, STM32),
Windows Server, SLES, MSSQL, OracleSQL, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, Cassandra, Gitlab CI, Docker, Grafana, Sonarqube, Nexus Repository, Loki
Pfiat di, Österreich 🇦🇹
こんにちは、日本 🇯🇵


My name is Egon Rabeder and I started writing my first lines of code sometime between 2008 and 2009. My goal was to create games and cheats applications to assist in gaming. I started out with Visual Basic but quickly switched to C++ in combination with Qt. I also picked up a bit of reverse engineering but for the most part I was just copying code from the internet and making slight modifications.

In 2010 I started studying Computer Engineering which is a combination of Software Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I learned about digital and analog electronics, PCB design, CPU architecture and software development (mainly in Java, C# and C). By the end of the school I had a pretty good idea of how software and the underlying hardware work and was eager to start putting this knowledge to use. But first it was time for 6 months of military service which was exhausting but overall the time went by rather quick.

In 2016 I started my first job as an Electronic Assembler at a small company with about 20 employees. I was mainly working on "Radar Speed Displays". It was quite interesting to learn about the whole production process from electronic assembly over calibration to mechanical assembly and a final quality check. I also created an application from scratch that significantly sped up the calibration process. This is also when I decided to focus on software engineering as my career and keep electronics as a hobby.

In 2017 I started working as a Software Engineer at voestalpine, a large steel-based technology company with ~40 000 employees. My work focused on Surface Inspection Systems and I was part of the Quality Control department. I was able to put my knowledge to good use and learn a lot about Software Engineering and working in a corporate environment.

Overall my work was quite diverse and I gathered experience in the full Software Development Life Cycle including creating concepts development, testing, deployment and maintenance. I worked on frontend and backend projects, created a few applications from scratch and did a bit of DevOps. But the key takeaway from working in a big company was the importance of communication and documentation.

In 2023 I decided to take a risk and move halfway across the globe to a country that fascinated and intrigued me for a long time - Japan.

To be continued...

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